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Photo Scanning Software Reviews

1.) ScanSpeeder


The photo scanning software package, ScanSpeeder, allows multiple photos to be scanned at once using a traditional flatbed scanner.   ScanSpeeder shows off its popularity with thousands of customers relying on this software to convert their photographs.


One of the advantages that ScanSpeeder offers is a simplified scanning process which involves a few simple pushes of a button. Multiple photos can be scanned at once and they are automatically segregated into separate image files.  It also straightens the photo for you so you don’t have to worry about how you put it on the flatbed scanner.  If you like a little more control over such adjustments, ScanSpeeder offers a manual option to do such tasks.


If you want to retain the comments that are found on the back of photographs or record who is in the photograph for generations to come, ScanSpeeder allows you to do digitize this too.  You can easily tag comments which Scanspeeder then permanently embeds into the photo file.  Realizing that many consumers share such files on their social media accounts, or email them to friends and family, ScanSpeeder lets you save to a Google Drive, One Drive or other cloud service folder. It has the option to simultaneously save an archive and email quality image for each photograph. 


Customers have raved about the product and many claim it has really increased their efficiency.  If service is important to you, ScanSpeeder is known for providing topnotch customer service.  Best of all, ScanSpeeder has the unbeatable price of $29.95 which includes all updates for the current major version.   


2.) Instant Photo Scanner


Instant Photo Scanner can help you scan a large number of files at the same time at high speed and in a greatly exact manner without any unwanted difficulties or troubles. This function is very useful for you to save your time and labor when you have to work with a huge number of images in a limited time.

Using Instant Photo Scanner, you are also provided with necessary tool to set up your image after scanning process, for example, choosing size, resolution, changing colors, contrast, etc. Then, you can totally be active to set parameters for any of your images running on the programs just in some simple clicks. You also can preview these settings and modify to serve your works and interests.

Moreover, an outstanding feature of Instant Photo Scanner is that it always provides users with 3 different zones to scan as well as process your images conveniently and to ensure all processes smooth without any difficulties.


3.) Kodak


Kodak is well known for its impeccable imaging.   Scanning documents is the major benefit of this program.  This system is not designed for archiving and printing old photographs though.


To fulfill the needs of scanning old photos requires the purchase of the entire scanning system and the purchase of a compatible Kodak scanner.  If you do purchase the whole system, it does do the job and even boasts the ability to batch scan 30 photos a minutes. 


4.) SilverFast


SilverFast Archive Suite is a little different than the rest of the software packages. Primarily designed for photographers, it offers professional image editing, storage, and use. Their website states however that even a beginner can use their software as it offers a wide range of automatic intelligent functions that optimize the photographs for perfect quality.


Although the SilverFast package offers a wide range of options and features, they may overwhelm the home consumer that simply wants to scan photographs. Many of the features may never be utilized for such a purpose and it may be best suited for a professional photographer who wants a wide range of customization before saving and archiving.  At a price of $119.00, it's in the high end of the market.



5.) EMC Captiva Quickscan Pro


EMC Captiva Quickscan Pro is another one of the top five software packages and also has many features of the other packages. This package is outstanding for scanning documents.  It works with professional scanners and scans thousands of documents in no time. 


EMC Captiva Quickscan Pro is compatible with over 400 scanners and images can be adorned with highlights, redactions, sticky notes, and more. The software seems really easy to use as ranked by consumers although it seems to be geared more toward businesses and document handling as opposed to converting photographs. The software certainly offers the capability to do so, but much of their documentation is about business use.


Overall, the software seems great but the needs of the consumer looking to scan photographs would be best suited with a software package for that specific purpose. The biggest drawback is that there are four different levels of usage with the most expensive nearing the $4,000.00 price range.





With the enormous popularity of digital photos, many people are now looking to digitize their old paper photos.  Although photographers and photography scanning labs still have their place, for the home user the ease and affordability of the do-it-yourself family imaging project is finally obtainable.  Preserving old photos to create online albums or for reunions, anniversaries, or weddings is now fast and easy.  If you are embarking on a family photo imaging project, or just want to preserve your old photos, you need photo scanning software that lets you scan multiple photos at once using your existing scanner.  If the software that came with your scanner has not wowed you with its results, there are software packages that certainly will.  For the home user, we have reviewed the top 5 photo scanning software packages currently on the market.